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  Version 1.4.8 released


Freeware v1.4.8 for Windows®
For AutoMailer NT click here.


AutoMailer Freeware automatically sends files as e-mail attachments.
The files to be sent have to be in a single directory on your hard drive. AutoMailer periodically polls this directory and sends the files as to the criteria specified.


  • Runs in systray
  • Sends new or modified files only (optional)
  • Saves copies of mailed files (optional)
  • Deletes sent files (optional)
  • User-defined time in sec. to poll
  • Logging (optional)
  • ZIP-compression (optional)

All you need is a TCP/IP connection to a standard SMTP mail server.

AutoMailer Freeware currently doesn't support secure connections via SSL/TLS,
so Google mail and possibly other mail services that require SSL/TLS won't work
with the freeware version. AutoMailer XL supports secure conections via SSL/TLS.

Revision History

January 2011 v1.4.8
New charset selection, UTF-8 support
Digital signatures
Beeper added.

Timeout option added.

June 2004 v1.4.6
Internal changes only

03/28/2004 v1.4.5

Improved internal error handling and logging.
Revised ZIP functions (new ZipDll.DLL v1.6.0.18).
Does no longer use 99% CPU time on very fast networks.
Fixed some bugs.

02/20/2004 v1.4.4
Wildcard selection changed/fixed. (e.g. mask "*.14?" found file xxxxxxxxxxx.14 as well)

01/15/2004 v1.4.3
New command line switch "-service" allows the AutoMailer to be run as a NT service with service wrappers like NT Wrapper. NT Wrapper is available at http://www.duodata.de/ntwrapper/.
New MIME engine. Auto encoding of extended characters in message text and
header lines. Default encoding is quoted-printable.

Option 'Append file names' fixed.
Order of file entries in the internal file list changed.
Windows XP Themes support.

10/10/2003 v1.4.2
The archive bit wasn't cleared correctly.
Password is stored encrypted now, you must reenter your password
if you use an INI file from previous versions.

09/25/2003 v1.4.1
Message text was not saved correctly when AutoMailer's program folder
had not been
the current directory.

08/05/2003 v1.4.0
SMTP authentication added, new smart auto detection of SMTP autentication types.
Settings from INI file and Body.txt are loaded each time before a mailing starts.
Message text is wrapped after 76 chars.
Header lines TO, CC, and Bcc are folded now.
Subject line length has been limited to 998 characters.
File selection changed.
Timer setup improved.
Install/Uninstall support.
A lot of invisible changes.

05/26/2002 v1.3.3
Mime-Type support added, adjustable in automail.ini.
I/O Error 103 hopefully fixed.

10/27/2001 v1.3.2
Unfortunately we uploaded a wrong file with release 1.3.1 on 10/03/2001.
AutoMailer didn't work at all. Release 1.3.2 fixes it.

10/03/2001 v1.3.1
Fixed possible crashes with "POP3 before SMTP" authentication
when no DNS server was found.

05/11/2001 v1.3.0
"Pop3 before Smtp" authentication added

01/29/2001 v1.2.1

Minor bugfix

01/12/2001 v1.2.0
Single attachment mode (single e-mail for each file)
Exlude or send only files with certain extentions
Cc and Bcc support
Run once then exit
Messagebody now will be loaded from and saved to
a plain text-file (body.txt)
Verbose logging

11/28/2000 v1.1.0

ZIP-compression added, minor bugfixes

10/30/2000 v1.0.1
International charset option added

10/17/2000 v1.0.0

Known Issues

Actually AutoMailer supports a single configuration, means a single guarded
directory is related to a single recipient list. - If you have to send your files from
more than one directory, simply run multiple AutoMailer Freeware instances from
different directories with different configurations.

Please e-mail your AutoMailer related comments, bugs and suggestions to iinfo@duodata.de

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